Composition : Creating depth with visual separation

As a photographer are gifted with seeing in 3 dimensions, but the images we produce only ever exist as flat 2 dimensional representations of reality on either paper or a screen. Our spatial awareness we had when capturing the image, of the relationships between object A and object B or C is missing for our viewers. Consequently this places a massive onus on us as photographers to create that sense of depth in our composition; something we can achieve through visual separation.

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The Rule of Thirds : Rule, Guideline, Myth?

The Rule of Thirds (RoT) is the most well known, oft-quoted, venerated and yet equally controversial composition technique in landscape photography. Review any list of compositional ‘top tips’ and it is a safe bet RoT will be high in the ranking.

Now, the very idea that a subject as dynamic, intricate, unpredictable and chaotic as the natural world could consistently be constrained and orientated into a grid sits at odds with me on several levels. Is anything that falls outside the ‘power points’ is poor photographic composition?

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