The digital darkroom, the cautionary tale of the boiling frog

If there is a line in the digital darkroom between enhancement and over-cooked, supersaturation then it’s a fine one. Photoshop certainly has no warning line before you cross that aesthetic line from enhancement into the land of super-contrast hyper-saturated colour.

But why do we do it? Is Photoshop’s raw addictive power seducing photographer’s? Is it a flaw in digital workflow? Or our own personal aesthetics?

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Advanced Sharpening Techniques #3 : Luminance sharpening

Sharpening images is the endpoint of the photographic workflow, be it for print or screen. However, as a process it is always a trade-off between the level of desired contrast and artefacts. However, we can reduce the compromise with a technique called luminance sharpening, which only sharpens an images detail -- known as the luminance data.

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Advanced Sharpening Techniques # 2: Selective Sharpening

All Photoshops’ sharpening options have a common weakness, they apply sharpening values equally across the entire image. However, through selective sharpening, we can selectively control the degree of sharpness to any area of the image, applying and fine tuning different degrees to different elements.

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